VEDC is a professional event organizer that receives a lot of attention from customers with strengths such as:

– Have a solid background in event organization and operation.

– Dedicated staff with many years of experience in the field of event organization, marketing, PR and branding.

– Understand and meet the needs of customers, consult the most suitable solution and service packages.

– Provide flexible event services according to the actual situation.

– Competitive cost corresponding to the quality of service provided.

– Ensure legal issues when using the publisher’s media.

– Event services at VEDC:

1/ Online and Offline eSports tournament.

“Formula” to organize eSports tournaments of VEDC:

Surely whoever is passionate about eSports wants to explore the eSports market, you all know about professional eSports tournaments, right? So let’s find out with VEDC to see what stages we have to go through to organize such a grand and large tournament!

Step 1: Meeting with clients to get brief.

Step 2: Prepare work items based on the client’s brief, then quote the items to the customer.

Step 3: Make a detailed implementation plan from communications to tournament operation.

Step 4: Producing POSM, media and items for the tournament.

Step 5: Deploy and execute the plan according to the timeline (Operate, organize, livestream, communications, reports after each event day,…)

Step 6: End of the tournament, recap.

Step 7: Meeting and reporting the results to customers and internally.

2/ Other events

Besides eSports tournaments, VEDC also provides services for many different event programs according to customer needs such as: press conference, game introduction, grand opening, inauguration, conference, talkshow, production, etc. in both online and offline formats.

Streaming service and media production


Tournament livestream services; Livestream on multiple social networking platforms; Content and Media production; 3D Virtual Space/Stage/Background technology, etc.

– Tournament Livestream: request and design stream overlays; writing livestream scripts; Livestream on one or more platforms (Facebook, Youtube, …).

– Content and Media production: writing PR articles (business introduction articles, product introduction articles, news articles – events, standard SEO keyword articles); producing videos – images for social media.

– Producing internal publications: internal magazines; internal journal; enterprise capacity profile; Catalog; brochures; leaflets; poster; internal Facebook publications (creating fanpage content by topic – campaign, creating content for products – services required – running ads, producing banners – images for the page according to content content and following requirements of customers, seeding articles to pull interaction, consulting structure – content – images to refresh the website, designing monthly advertising banners).

– Producing voice clips: recording advertisements for products and services of enterprises; read advertisements for promotions and grand openings; read greetings to the telephone exchange, record music waiting for business; record advertising and broadcast speakers at stores, supermarkets, fairs, and trade centers.

– Video production: business introduction film; viral media videos; event videos; interview video.

– Application of 3D Virtual Space technology: brainstorm internal ideas; design, purchase templates related to 3D technology, accompanying 3D effects, apply 3D Virtual Space to the program – send 3D Virtual Space source to customers.

VEDC technical team has rich capacity and experience. Ensure good image quality Stream, stable transmission. All products that produce layouts and broadcast clips will be exactly the ideas that customers require with modern equipment, serving well the requirements of Broadcast.

When renting a green screen studio and modern equipment, there is a service to design the context according to the customer’s request. In addition, human resources conduct livestreams and talkshows according to customer needs. VEDC also has the service of applying 3D Virtual Space technology with professional 3D effects, designing 3D backdrops on demand.

VEDC promises to bring the best experience of products and services to customers.

Social Media Marketing

Giải đấu Cộng Đồng Liên Minh Huyền Thoại

1/ Services of communication, promotion and attraction of viewers and attendees of eSports events and tournaments.

eSports tournaments are the best way to increase brand awareness because it is easier than ever to reach and share directly to your target audiences through KOLs, professional players, casters, stage and in-game images. In addition, there are many other spontaneous clubs with the common purpose of satisfying the passion for eSports established in the market that makes the eSports industry extremely vibrant. Since then, the Vietnamese gaming community in particular and the world gamers in general has been built up and growing stronger. This is also good news for business-minded people, when the demand is high and the market develops, the “encroachment” into eSports will be a “bargain” worth trying for them.

So why does VEDC have to be “born” when businesses can organize their own eSports tournaments?

– eSports tournaments organized by businesses do not have certain standards. There is no obligation for gamers to be responsible for their decision to continue participating or not.

– Enterprises have not made the most effective use of communication tools. The work of taking care of fanpage is always neglected when it plays an extremely important role.

– There is no move to prepare, propose a business program, accidentally causing the business to “lose” a large amount of profit.

VEDC was born to help businesses fill those “gaps” and maximize benefits through tournament organization. The VEDC team will directly survey the actual situation at the request of the business and DESIGN an effective business program. In addition, VEDC will take care of ALL the logistics before, during and after the tournament.

2/ How will VEDC help in the eSports event and communication strategy?

 VEDC accompanies businesses in communication and promoting games and applications from publishers on social networking platforms such as facebook, website, pinterest, tiktok, etc.

The “recipe” for communication and management and operation of VEDC’s social network channels:

– Posting messages, images or advertising campaigns of the business on social networking sites to attract interaction, likes and shares from users.

– Run ads on social networking platforms, using the advertising function to target the right audience.

– Creating new messages, content and images from games and applications is the “key” to success.

– Start with small, budget-friendly campaigns and check the effectiveness and profitability of those small campaigns. This will help businesses take slow but steady steps.

– Each different channel will have different principles, operating methods and especially costs. That must be grasped to choose the most effective communication channel for the business. Once you’ve chosen one or a few media channels, understand their operating principles in order to come up with wiser advertising strategies and tactics.

– Ensuring the mobile user experience is the key element of this “formula”.

Brand Advertising and Brand Identity


In addition to event communication packages, VEDC also provides a Brand Identity service package, promoting brand image with activities related to games and eSports.

VEDC confidently provides customers with necessary services to achieve their goals in the target market such as:

– Advertise information related to brands through tournaments and eSports events.

– Build a difference for the product by combining the product with the right games and programs in the field of e-sports.

– Towards the purpose of creating demand and increasing demand for products in the gaming community.

– Maintain brand value in the hearts of esports fans.

– Becoming more outstanding than before thanks to the breakthrough when entering the eSports market, creating a unique mark compared to competitors in the same industry.

– Building a positive, dynamic and new brand image through eSports events.



VEDC provides gift giving services for e-sports tournaments; events; printing logo and slogan; POSM production; placing advertising booths; shirts, hats, souvenirs…

– Logo and slogan printing: logo printing by CMYK standard 4-color offset printing technique (single-sided printing); logo printing material is paper decal, plastic decal; can be glossy/matte lamination, needle pressed to create durability and aesthetic taste for logo printed samples; carry Demi according to the design.

– POSM production: Hiflex canvas printing (banners, backdrops, banners, panels); 3M high-grade tarpaulin printing (light box advertising printing, high-end signs); Canvas/Silk printing (pictures, office decoration, furniture); events at cyber gaming chains, cafes: screensavers, wallpapers, light boxes, led boards, posters…

– Set advertising booth: advertising booth (activation); sales booth (at fairs, supermarkets); booth to introduce products and services, exhibition booth.

– Shirts, hats, souvenirs: producing exclusive gifts for event participants.

In order for the product to convey the right message to the public, we include consulting and product design services. With many years of experience and prestige in the field of organizing tournaments and e-sports events, VEDC is honored to have cooperated with many partners and customers in many eSports tournaments such as: : Dell Gaming Champion 2020, FPT – IT Championship 2021, League of Power1,…

With a team of dedicated – dedicated staff, we always try our best to bring the best quality event organization services. VEDC, always wanting to be there when you need me most. VEDC’s hotline is always ready to serve you 24/7, any time, any situation.