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I expected Puppey would be telling everyone what to do. But I felt absolute freedom in game”. Resolut1on on joining Secret and kick from OG

Roman “Resolut1on” Fomynok talked with Escorenews about joining Team Secret and discussed Clement “Puppey” Ivanov as a strict leader of the team. Ukrainian offlaner also touched on his time in OG, which he joined in 2017, after Anathan “ana” Pham took his break from Dota 2.


— The situation with OG gnawed hard on me for a while, because they kicked me, N0tail changed his role to 5, and they won two TIs in a row. Back then I thought that I could be there with them. But in reality, the misunderstanding between Fly and N0tail was already there at that moment. Maybe they just didn’t want to talk about it face to face, and I ended up as the one to blame. I already knew that they are great players, just thought that N0tail isn’t playing his best on carry. I think, these days he’d agree with me. But as a 5 he really gave it all. Now I’ve let that story go.

— Ceb had a lot of praise for you on Riyadh Masters 2022. Do you like getting compliments from ex-teammates?

— That’s funny, because when I was in OG, he didn’t say stuff like that. He was always saying how cool of a player ana was, how he has a unique view on things. And I thought: “Hey Ceb, I’m here, praise me at least once. If he is so cool, why did you even asked me to join?” It was a bit disturbing, of course… But at least he praises me now! (laughs)

On Team Secret and Puppey
— Puppey is viewed by the community as a strict captain: everything should be as he says. Do you agree?

— To be honest, I also expected that he would be telling everyone what to do. But I felt absolute freedom in game. He never tells people what to do — everyone mostly understands things on their own. The only thing he does is team calls. It’s very comfortable to play with him. Even Solo had more micro-management.

But he can be very direct. He is great at analysing games, he can show on the post-match review who did what wrong. If someone will make a mistake that could lose us the game, he will not hesitate to say things as they are. Everyone will get the problem, and that speeds up the development of the team. But it’s important that everyone understands that he does that for the better. He wants us to play better.

— I feel that it's fairly uncommon. As far as I know, it's more common to be friendly, to smooth the edges in Europe and America.

— Yes, and we are similar with Puppey in that. When I played in NA, I also was very direct at first: if I saw that someone made a mistake, I didn’t hesitate to say that. But I got that people don’t like that. I was taught to smooth the edges there, but I think that slows down the process.

In this team it’s different, in Secret noone tries to appear better than you, and we only do all that for the sake of everyone playing better. If everyone is ready to take it and the leader is not afraid to appear rude, that’s very good. You just have to keep the team morale in check. And we have that under control.

— You once said that they wanted to sign you once. Can you tell more?

— That was after TI8, I was playing with VGJ.Storm. I refused, because I believed in my team. I think, that’s one of the biggest mistakes of my career (laughs). Fact that I got to play with him now confirmed that for me.

But everything goes the way it should. I wouldn’t be who I am now if I didn’t walk this thorny path, didn’t have this bad streak. Now I think that I’m a more aware person.

— When they signed Zayac, did you understand that it could be an opportunity for you?

— To be honest, I was sad, because I knew that they only have one slot, and our duo will fall apart. I didn’t think that I could get there as well. In the end that was very cool, we played a huge tournament in a great team together. That’s just some miracle story.

— Did Zayac recommend you, or your invite was a Puppey's wish and decision?

— Maybe Clement is such a genius that he planned all that beforehand, but I doubt it. I think he picked Zayac because he is in top-40 EU and is a very good 4. Then Secret didn’t qualify to the Major, things clearly weren’t going well in the team. They decided to try something new, and called me two days before Riyadh Masters 2022. We only played 2-4 scrims. It was cool seeing us play that well without much preparation.

— Zayac was saying that you talk in Russian on the lane. The rest of the team is ok with that?

— There is a lot of things on the lane that needs to be done quickly, and it’s easier for him to say that in Russian for now. The main thing is not taking it too far during team gatherings. I’m trying to support English speaking environment in the team, because that wouldn’t be cool of us to talk about lanes outside of the game with the rest of the team not being able to understand us.

When you are staying in English speaking environment long enough, the switch to English will happen eventually. That’s what happened to me when I moved to America. Sooner or later you start thinking in English, that’s just a question of time.

— You haven't played with them much so far, but can you describe your teammates?

— Nisha is a very strong player. He basically breaths Dota, watches it all the time. Even when he goes somewhere to eat, he watches streams. In game I’m always confident that my mid player will win his lane, come to gank, or farm when needed.

Crystallis has a very cool view on things, very detailed: how to lane right, when his heroes have power spikes. He just need to expand his hero pool. After playing on three roles, I can basically play on any characters. But these young players like ATF or Crystallis think that if their hero is not a lvl 30 mastery, they don’t know how to play it. So they play their max lvl Monkey King or Razor, practice their kick 1000 times. But if the team gives you something outside of your comfort zone, “who even knows how to play this”…

Puppey is always playing to win. If he sees some broken hero, he will play on it 10 matches in a row and won’t have any issues about it. He has an inner confidence. When he says something, you know that he is confident that it will work.

Zayac is a guy who plays without fear. When he plays his killing 4, you feel that the whole map is afraid of him. He has a lot of initiative, often offers his ideas. He already has a great synergy with Nisha, they can run around on Skywrath Mage and Storm Spirit and destroy the whole map. His main strength is how he can pick-off enemies. As he says, he plays against players, not heroes. He tries to get into their head and exloit their weaknesses.


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