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Who is the number one between Gen.G and T1? With both teams currently 12-1 in the standings, their direct battle will be one of the most intense of the whole split.

Who will win and who is going to suffer their 2nd loss? Let’s find out in our LCK Preview.


Gen.G and T1 have created a large enough gap with the rest of the league, with both teams only losing one series. That said, Gen.G have looked much stronger and more dominant than T1. The latter have lost 5 more games compared to Gen.G, with T1 winning 2-1 in many of their series.

Last week, we saw T1 struggling to draft when playing on red side. Not being able to pick the powerpicks early has put them on the back foot. T1’s counters are not effective enough it seems.

Not only that, but I am not personally enjoying their drafts: T1 is putting a lot of attention on their top laner Zeus and despite his biggest efforts, sometimes having a single carry may not really pay off. I think that Faker has been sacrificing his carry potential with more supportive mid lane champions and we haven’t seen him be the 1v9 player for the team.

On the other hand, Gen.G has a very opposite approach compared to T1. All of the attention goes to Ruler and secondly Chovy, with those two almost taking up 60% of the damage output. Peanut has been one of the best in the LCK this split and you can really feel his impact when it matters the most. Doran has always been known for having a really good Gnar, and now that he is meta, he’s literally stomping everyone with it.


We have seen T1’s bot lane struggle a little bit more compared to Spring split where they looked like the strongest duo in the world. Sometimes Gumayusi can have some weird moments and it feels like they shifted the attention towards Zeus who has been the monster of those strong carries like Gwen and GP.

The question is how will T1 approach the series. I personally think that as of right now, T1’s bot lane is a little inferior to Gen.G, especially when it comes to absolute carry potential. With Gen.G expected to strong side their bot lane, will T1 want to clash head-on with Gen.G?

I believe that if T1 wants to show that they’re the best in the league, they must find a way to target the bot lane. Whether it’s through counter picks or bans, stopping Ruler from going 1v9 mode is 50% of the work done. Having strong jungle proximity around drakes and a roaming mid might be the interesting combo. Taliyah should be the perfect champion to do so and Chovy hasn’t played her yet.

On the other hand, however, I have doubts T1 and actively play their game against a strong team like Gen.G. When it comes to the mid and late game, Gen.G will definitely have the upper hand. For this reason, I am still favoring Gen.G to win, although a 2-0 victory seems unlikely to me. If you don’t feel like going for the correct map score, you can see other interesting odds below, offered by GG.BET:

Winner: Gen.G (1.71x)

Correct Map Score: Gen.G 2-1 T1 (3.20x)

Map 1 Duration: over 32.5 (1.92x)

Total kills: under 22.5 (2.08x)

Total towers: over 12.5 (2.21x)

First Blood: Gen.G (1.83x)

Total barons slain: over 1.5 (2.25x)

Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.53x)

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  • In the end, consider watching LSB face-off against DRX earlier in the day. Last week the battle for 3rd remained unresolved, as LSB and DK continue their battle for 3rd. If Sandbox wins tomorrow, they will once again tie with DK in 3rd.

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