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Faker and his T1 teammates show why they won’t be swapping League for VALORANT anytime soon

The greatest League of Legends player of all time is a man of many talents, and he displayed his VALORANT prowess with his T1 teammates last night. 

T1 mid laner Faker, who recently finished second at the 2022 League World Championship, showcased his FPS skills alongside Keria, Gumayusi, Zeus, and Oner in two VALORANT matches last night. One of the matches was played on Haven, while the team finished the day with a game on Ascent. 

All of the players, minus Faker, streamed their bouts last night. 

In the first match, Faker put himself on Sova duty while Keria was on smokes and Gumayusi was on Sage. Zeus was one of the more aggressive of the five and was on Jett. Faker didn’t have the best performance on Haven, though. He finished with a 5-10 scoreline. 

This showing didn’t stop the greatest of all time, however. He fought back on the second map to carry his team. Despite both matches ending in a loss for the T1 roster, Faker finished with 13 kills and 14 deaths, just underneath Zeus. The team also lost a one-vs-three situation to end their second game. 

Faker was put on Phoenix for the second map, hence the boost in performance. 

Despite their best efforts, it’s pretty clear the T1 League players won’t be making the switch to competitive VALORANT anytime soon. The five-man roster was just playing for fun and the level was around Silver when compared to ranked. 

But with a little time, effort, and wishful thinking, perhaps Faker could see himself on the T1 VALORANT roster. After all, he is the G.O.A.T. for a reason.

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