Launched on 30 April 2020, VEDC has become one of the leading service providers through eSports. Our company is partnering with various brands to bring innovative services and flawless experiences to end-users online and offline. VEDC is equipped with highly skilled professionals and qualified experts to serve multiple sizes of communities and audiences.



A quality eSports tournament can attract an adequate amount of interest from the community and brings exceptional media effects alongside real benefits for sponsors. VEDC is an experienced unit in successfully organizing and operating many eSports tournaments in Vietnam.


VEDC prioritizes its resources to invest in online broadcasting services (broadcast, live stream). Not only using modern machinery system, ensuring quality and stability when broadcasting, but also well training for the team operating the system. We are committed to providing the best quality live stream for our customers’ events.


VEDC provides communication service packages, events promotion, and tournaments on social networking platforms. More importantly, we have a close connection with over 500 large gaming communities as well as many KOLs and influencers in the games/eSports fields. VEDC can provide customers with many effective communication solutions for potential target customers.


In addition to event communication packages, VEDC also provides Brand Identity service packages, promoting brand images with activities related to games and eSports.


VEDC is capable of manufacturing and providing customers with their branded merchandise use in events and tournaments. VEDC’s product portfolio is vast, ensuring its suitability for each event or e-sports tournament.


Clients & PARTNERS


“Throughout the launch of the FPT Software project, I have received much enthusiastic advice and support from the VEDC team. From planning and implementing to handling the problems that arise, you have shown your professionalism and experience in the Esports field. We believe that choosing VEDC is the key to our success.”


Brand Manager FPT Software

“As a cyber cafe owner who has used the VEDC's service, I chose the Premium package and received enthusiastic advice from the consulting team as well as the large-scale preparation from the company. I feel very satisfied with the quality of the tournament and the media effects it brings. After the tournament, the number of customers coming to my business increased, and the revenue of the cyber cafe was also better.”


Founder Kingdom Store

“As a person whose career is in the education field, I wish to create playgrounds for students after stressful (learning) hours so that they have a better chance of developing comprehensively. Realizing that Esports is a very intriguing playground for young people, I contacted VEDC, hoping to get support in organizing a small Esports tournament within the university where I'm working and teaching. And I received more than I anticipated. The company has detailed plans and raised investments from donors and benefactors to realize my wish to establish a large-scale tournament. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Board of Directors and management teams.”


Executive of Student Button Room

“If you are looking for a partner to organize and operate a large-scale and professional eSports tournament, you can choose VEDC. I have used the company's services and was quite satisfied. Currently, in some tournaments within the semi-professional framework that I am responsible for, I trust the company to organize from production and operation to tournament communication.”


Former tournament manager and professional team

“As someone who is experienced in constructing and installing multiple Cybercafes, I realize that the most efficient and cost-effective way to promote a Cybercafe to the target audience is to organize an eSport tournament. I have trusted and contacted VEDC to organize numerous eSports tournaments for the chain of Cyber Cafe that was built and installed by my unit. The promotion quality that the company bring was up-and-coming: the eSport tournament and the Cyber Cafe, the number of teams participating in the competition, and more were all guaranteed to meet my expectation. As of today, the company is still accompanying me in many Cybercafe projects.”


Constructing and room installing system

"The COVID-19 pandemic has left a significant impact on my business. Although it has reopened for business, the number of customers visiting my Cybercafé is lower than usual. I'm confused by the current business situation. Through the recommendation of my friends, I contacted VEDC. After receiving a lot of advice and development orientation from them, I decided to hold an eSports tournament on top of investing in improving the model of our Cybercafé. After the eSports tournament, the Cybercafé became more renowned, and the number of customers coming to my Cybercafé is evidently increasing. In addition, our fan page has been improved with features such as customer service through messages, engaging content,...”


Cyber Gaming owner

Streaming service and media production


Tournament livestream services; Livestream on multiple social networking platforms; Content and Media production; 3D Virtual Space/Stage/Background technology, etc.

– Tournament Livestream: request and design stream overlays; writing livestream scripts; Livestream on one or more platforms (Facebook, Youtube, …).

– Content and Media production: writing PR articles (business introduction articles, product introduction articles, news articles – events, standard SEO keyword articles); producing videos – images for social media.

– Producing internal publications: internal magazines; internal journal; enterprise capacity profile; Catalog; brochures; leaflets; poster; internal Facebook publications (creating fanpage content by topic – campaign, creating content for products – services required – running ads, producing banners – images for the page according to content content and following requirements of customers, seeding articles to pull interaction, consulting structure – content – images to refresh the website, designing monthly advertising banners).

– Producing voice clips: recording advertisements for products and services of enterprises; read advertisements for promotions and grand openings; read greetings to the telephone exchange, record music waiting for business; record advertising and broadcast speakers at stores, supermarkets, fairs, and trade centers.

– Video production: business introduction film; viral media videos; event videos; interview video.

– Application of 3D Virtual Space technology: brainstorm internal ideas; design, purchase templates related to 3D technology, accompanying 3D effects, apply 3D Virtual Space to the program – send 3D Virtual Space source to customers.

VEDC technical team has rich capacity and experience. Ensure good image quality Stream, stable transmission. All products that produce layouts and broadcast clips will be exactly the ideas that customers require with modern equipment, serving well the requirements of Broadcast.

When renting a green screen studio and modern equipment, there is a service to design the context according to the customer’s request. In addition, human resources conduct livestreams and talkshows according to customer needs. VEDC also has the service of applying 3D Virtual Space technology with professional 3D effects, designing 3D backdrops on demand.

VEDC promises to bring the best experience of products and services to customers.